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Valerie Graves Night Scenes
Taos Pueblo Christmas Eve
Moonlight & Lantern light scenes

Valerie Graves' is well known and acclaimed for her unique ability to capture the spirit, feeling and power of Taos Pueblo Christmas Eve. She is also known for her moonlight scenes and lantern light scenes, but many say there is no one who can convey the timeless strength and eternal beauty of Taos Pueblo.
We have a separate page with some of her luninous original paintings of landscapes, streetscapes, horses, birds and other scenes! Please click here Original paintings

Taos Pueblo Christmas Eve
Christmas Matachine Dancers $45

(Please click for larger image)
Limited Edition Artist Enhanced Print
Image size 6" x 8"
Matted size 12" x 14"
edition of 100

Indian Deer Dancer Signed Print
Indian Deer Dancer Signed Artist Print

This striking print, Spirit of the Deer, depicts a Night Deer Dancer from San Ildefonso Pueblo in Northern New Mexico. The image is 5 1/2" by 6 3/4" and is approximately 11 1/2" by 13" matted and shrink wrapped. The print is hand signed by the artist. $24

Taos Pueblo Church
Heartbeat of Taos Pueblo Artist Signed Print
Matted size 13" x15"...$30

taos Pueblo christmas eve
Taos Pueblo Christmas Eve Bonfires
Limited Edition Artist Enhanced Print ...$45

Night Of The Falling Snow
Night of the Falling Snow $750 ($40 shipping)
Original Pastel 9"x11" image
Matted to 14.5 x 16.5

Taos Pueblo Night with Horses
December Night -Signed Artist Print

This artist signed print shows a winter scene at Taos Pueblo with one of the Indians holding a kerosene lantern which illuminates the famous multi-storied Adobe Pueblo of Taos, New Mexico. The Indians are wrapped in blankets and you can see part of the adobe cooking ovens or hornos to the left in the print and the drying racks which are used to store firewood and to dry goods after the harvest or dry skins for later use.The snow is thick and the air is dry and cold. The overall matted size of this print is 13" by 15" $30

Mountain Sheep dancers San ildefonso
San Ildefonso Night Dance
Original Pastel ...Sold

Taos Pueblo Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Taos Pueblo (detail)
Limited edition print $35 (detail shown above)
see this page for ordering

Taos Pueblo Indian Riders
Lantern Light Starry Night
Original pastel... $4500 Sold

Santa Fe night Lights
Santa Fe Night Lights $1500
Original Oil

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